Acoustic Guitars
Acoustic guitars come in all shapes, colors and sizes.  Every one of my acoustics guitars is visibly distinct, although
because I am a fairly tall/large person, I prefer large acoustic guitars.

Lowden guitars, made in northern Ireland under the direction of George Lowden, are wonderful acoustic guitars.  In
the pictures below, the Lowden guitar on the right is made with back and sides of amazaque (an African hardwood)
and with a cedar top (Lowden O35).  The guitar on the left is made with rosewood back and sides and with a spruce
top (Lowden O32c).  Both guitars are equipped with two pickups for amplification.  The O35 has a Sunrise soundhole
pickup and a McIntyre contact piezo.  The O32c has a Fishman under-the-saddle and a Sunrise soundhole pickup.