Bass Guitars
I started playing bass guitar while living in Memphis, Tennessee.  (I purchased my first bass, which I later traded
in on my Lakland, with an IRS refund check one year.)  I am a tall guy (6'2") with long arms, big hands, and fat
fingers.  Perhaps the ideal  physique for playing bass guitar.  Although I don't play bass nearly as much as I play
acoustic and electric guitar, it still seems to be the instrument that come most naturally to me.

My bass guitars can be seen in the following picture.  My Lakland 55-94 5-string bass is on the right, and my Rob
Allen MB-2 5-string bass (#154) is on the left.  Much like my two "christmas" telecaster-style electric guitars,
these two instruments do not have a scrap of wood in common.  I think this is pretty cool.  The Lakland has a solid
ash body with a maple neck and fretboard.  The Rob Allen body is made of alder with a walnut top and a walnut neck
and cocobolo fretboard (and bridge).  It has an under-the-saddle piezo pickup that causes it to sound very much like
an upright double-bass when played, particularly when strung with nylon tape-wound strings (as shown).