If I Were Famous ...

Yes, I think about this sort of stuff far too much.  However, if I were famous (and rich) enough to
purchase my dream instruments, some of my top choices would be the following:

Acoustic Guitars:
Lowden O38 (rosewood/spruce)
Olson Jumbo (rosewood/spruce)
Sobell 2A(J) (rosewood/spruce)
Doolin Jumbo (with Oregon woods)

Electric Guitars:
JET Earlewood (with piezo)
Rick Turner Model 1
Citron AEG

Bass Guitars:
Citron AE5
Rob Allen Deep5 Custom
Fodera Emporer II

Rivera and Daedelus acoustic guitar amplification systems.
Mesa Boogie and Line 6 electric guitar amplification gear.  
Aguilar, Line 6, and Bag End bass guitar amplification equipment.

And more !!  :-)

Find links to these and many other fine musical equipment manufacturers on my music links page.