Electric Guitars
Below are pictured two "telecaster"-style guitars.  The guitar on the left is my NF guitar, and you can read
more about it on "The NF" page.  The guitar on the right is a G&L ASAT Deluxe.  Although the pickups on these
two guitars are almost identical (the very same models of Seymour Duncan pickups), they sound very different.
 This is in large part because they are constructed of entirely different woods.  The NF has a white korina
body, a rosewood neck and a brazilian rosewood fretboard.  The G&L has a mahogany body with a maple top and a
one piece maple neck (no separate fretboard) that is split apart and routed for the truss rod, then glued
together again.  Thus, there is literally no wood in common between the two guitars, which for reasons of their
brilliant colors I sometimes think of as my "christmas" guitars.