My Oldest "Friends"
Below is a picture of my oldest guitars.  Other than the guitar which I learned how to play on, the guitar in
the center is my oldest guitar.  It is a Lowden O32c and you can read more about it on the
Acoustic Guitars
page.  The guitar on the right is my oldest surviving electric guitar (read more about it below), and the
guitar on the left is my oldest surviving bass guitar (read more about it on the
Bass Guitars page).  In both
instances the phrase "oldest surviving" means that I owned other guitars previously and traded them in on
the ones you see below.  And now that I think about it, this happened with the Lowden O32c as well.

Additionally, the instruments below were used to record
NickMusic 2000: New Years, New Songs, the
fourth annual home recording I used as a Christmas gift to the members of my family.  Maybe this recording
will be a collector's item some day!

The guitar on the far right is my oldest electric guitar, a PRS Archtop.  The body (back and sides) of the
PRS is carved out of one piece of mahogany, and the top is carved out of one piece of spruce.  This particular
guitar has a piezo (acoustic) pickup system installed so it can be plugged in like an acoustic-electric guitar.  
In fact, it was part of the first batch of piezo-equipped Archtop guitars ever made by PRS.  This guitar is a
bit of a collector's item because PRS stopped making them for a while.  PRS has subsequently resumed
production of these instruments, but they are a little different with a spruce top, mahogany sides, and a
maple back.  Thus, it is no longer possible to purchase a guitar exactly like mine.