Beautiful Guitars
My two most beautiful guitars are my amazaque Lowden O35 and my walnut-topped Rob Allen bass guitar.  Well,
at least these are the two guitars made of the most beautiful woods.

Amazaque is an african hardwood, and as you can see has amazing color in the stripes that run the length of the
wood.  The back and sides of my Lowden O35 (below left) are of this wood.

The top of my Rob Allen bass is an absolutely beautiful piece of wood (see below right).  It is crotched walnut,
which very possibly grew in the Willamette Valley of Oregon where I was born and grew up.  I have written the
luthier (Mr. Rob Allen himself, the man who made the guitar) but he doesn't know for sure where the wood came
from.  However, most walnut used in guitar-making grows in Oregon, so I am sticking to my story.  Anyway, wood
this beautiful
must have come from Oregon.  :-)