Studio "B"
On this page are pictures of the famous Fessler Studio "B", better know as Nick's spare "B"athroom (and
"B"edroom, but mostly the bathroom).  

In the top photo you can see where I recorded all vocals and acoustic guitar and miscellaneous percussion -- in my
spare bathroom.  The blankets and towels and t-shirts are hanging to "deaden" the room and limit the amount of
reverberation that is recorded.  Most of the vocals on  
january  were recorded right there in my bathroom.  
However, the vocals on Wildfire and Sweet Dreams were recorded in my bedroom (back in the old days that is
where I recorded vocals, but that was before I obtained this better recording space -- ha!).

In the bottom photo you can see that the bulk of my music gear is in my spare bedroom, which is where I did a lot of
my recording (onto a relatively old Fostex FD-8).  At the time these photos were taken I has recently finished
recording acoustic guitar parts for Milk Chocolate Honey and was about to record bass guitar parts.

After all the recording was done, I performed mixing activities in my living room using my stereo system which has
studio monitors as speakers.  Perhaps these humble beginnings will grow into something more substantial; I suppose
only time will tell.