The NF

I think this guitar is pretty special.  

This one is quite special to me because it is largely a product of my own imagination.  An amazing number of choices
are involved in the construction of an electric guitar.  I decided upon and purchased all the compenents separately
and then had them assembled for me.   I purchased the body and neck from Warmoth and most of the rest of the
stuff from Martin Music.

These are the many choices I made.  I chose the body shape (telecaster-style with a "tummy cut") and body wood
(korina).  I chose the neck shape (fatback--the largest neck) and woods (rosewood neck with Brazilian rosewood
fretboard).  I chose to use the Warmoth neck with its compound radius fretboard -- 10" at the nut and 16" at the
bridge.  And I chose the fret size (6230--the smallest they use).  

I dreamed up the electronics setup: the pickups are Seymour Duncans, humbucking (Jazz Model SH-2), singlecoil
(Vintage Flat SSL-2 RW/RP), and humbucking (JB Model SH-4) from neck to bridge.  The five-way switch is wired
like a strat, and a push-pull pot on the tone knob turns on the bridge pickup and enables me to get all seven pickup
combinations (for whatever reason that was important to me, don't want to "waste" any of those possible
combinations).  I chose to use a tele-style bridge plate for the bridge and bridge pickup.  

However, it is the concentric knobs (two knobs stacked on top of one another) between the volume and tone knobs
makes the guitar most unique.  I found a wiring schematic for this on the Seymour Duncan website.  Rather than
switch between humbucking and singlecoil sounds, I can use the concentric knobs (one for each humbucking pickup) to
obtain not only these two extremes (humbucking or singlecoil) but also tones in-between, really partial-humbucking
tones.  Very unique, and very, very cool.  

The woods are generally "dark" sounding; to accentuate this I string it with 12's and tune it down to DGCFAD.  
For some obvious reasons, I like this guitar.  It was assembled for me by Gary at Aardvark Bros. Music in Abilene,
Texas.  I used this guitar for most of the lead guitar parts on
january .  For instance, the lead on Wildfire and on
Sarah's Reprise were both performed with this guitar.