Rain had fallen for several days as President Thomas Jefferson and his
party traveled cross-country on horseback.  Finally, they reached the river
they were to cross and found the rain-swollen waters had swept away their
only bridge.
  The president and his entourage wandered up and down the riverbank
awhile until they discovered a place where their horses could safely take them
across.  Nearby, a man sat hunched under a tree.  He stood up as he saw the
group approach and looked into the face of each man.
  Then he spoke to President Jefferson.  "Please, sir, will you carry me
across the river with you?"
  President Jefferson nodded and helped the man swing up behind him.  
When they arrived safely on the far bank, the man jumped down and offered
his thanks.
  One of Jefferson's escorts turned to the now-dismounted rider and
challenged him:  "How is it you dared to ask to ride behind the president of
the United States?"
  The man blanched, looked into the kind face of his benefactor, then faced
his questioner.
  "I didn't know I was speaking to the president," he said.  "It's just that as I
looked at each of you, I saw no in your faces and I saw yes in his."
A "Yes" Face