Text from the inside cover of NickelStew
january Leftovers.

To fans of NickelStew [and NickMusic]:

Some listeners of this CD might not be familiar with
the history of my recording efforts.  In 1997
NickMusic was born when I made a tape for family as
a Christmas present, just a few songs I recorded one
Sunday afternoon.  This creative process continued
for five straight years, each year I spent more time
and was able to improve the number and quality of the
songs recorded.  Beginning in 1999 the songs on my
recordings were mostly originals, songs that I had
written.  Then in 2001 I acquired a new CD-quality
recording unit and introduced the CD-version of
NickMusic which I now describe as NickelStew (not
only was the CD-format new, but also for the first
time other people played on some of my songs).  For
various reasons I did little with my music in 2002, and
so for the first time since 1997 no cassette or CD
was forthcoming.

Hopefully my efforts in 2003 will be worth the wait
(well, for anyone who missed my annual music efforts,
anyway).  During the summer I spent perhaps 200-
300 hours working on what should become my first
commercially-available CD, entitled January.  It
contains 18 original songs, including one instrumental
piece and one song performed a cappella.  What you
have here are the Leftovers of my summer efforts
(get it, NickelStew “Leftovers” – ha, ha).  Anyway,
these are the songs that wouldn’t fit with the rest
onto an 80 minute CD.

1. Who Wants To Be Romeo? is a new song.  
Unfortunately, during the recording process I lost
the data for this version.  I wasn’t entirely content
with the mix I had done, so I wound up re-recording
the entire song.  The new version is on January, the
old on Leftovers.  
2. Beside An Emerald Stream is another new song,
based on a true story.  Greg Young helped me write
the music for this one, and Brent Reeves played some
very pretty fingerstyle guitar on the recording (listen
3. Abbey’s Reprise [Your Eyes] is the instrumental
version of yet another new song, Your Eyes.  Perhaps
you remember the instrumental “reprises” I
composed on NickMusic 2000, by replacing the main
lyric with a solo guitar track.  Your Eyes with lyrics is
on January, the instrumental version (Abbey’s
Reprise) is here.
4. Watch My Life was on Introducing NickelStew
(NickMusic 2001) but has been re-mixed and a new
keyboard track was added.
5. Lucifertown has also been re-mixed, and sounds
better (if I have to say so myself).  I have never once
performed this song, and didn’t feel it would be a
good choice for January.
6. Sweet Dreams appeared on NickMusic 2000, but I
have now recorded it using better recording
technology.  A longer version appears on January and
features the beautiful voice of Taina Curry.

I hope you enjoy NickelStew 2003: January
Leftovers !  If you have an opportunity, let me know
what you think.  My email account  is always open:
nick@nickfessler.com.  And you can now visit me on
the web at www.nickfessler.com.

Thanks always!  
September 10, 2003
Text from the inside cover of NickelStew 2003:
january Leftovers.

NickelStew 2003:
january leftovers

1. Who Wants To Be Romeo?
(featuring Pajie Cuevas singing background vocals)
2. Beside An Emerald Stream
(featuring Brent Reeves playing guitar)
(lyrics written by Nick Fessler,
music written by Nick Fessler and Greg Young)
3. Abbey’s Reprise [Your Eyes]
4. Watch My Life
(written by Nick Fessler and Robin Cannon)
5. Lucifertown
6. Sweet Dreams

©2003 Nick Fessler, all rights reserved