Dr. Nicholas J. Fessler

Central Missouri State University
Department of Accounting
Dockery 405D
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Office: (660) 543-8567
Email: nfessler@cmsu.edu
Summer 2006 Office Hours:
(by appointment)
Fall 2006 Class Schedule:
TR  9:30 AM  ACCT 3120 (WDE 2401)
TR 11:00 AM  ACCT 2102 (WDE 2040)
TR 12:30 AM  ACCT 4120 (WDE 2040)
WELCOME to my website for a few things
Cost Accounting and Managerial Accounting

Here, in particular, you can find the solutions to the Handy
Handouts problems.  Just click on the Handy Handouts button the

This page is a s--l--o--w work-in-process.  Students in my classes can
find all that they need on Blackboard, so I have not used/updated
this website nearly as much as I once anticipated.

Ethics Lecture
Ethics Lecture -- in class
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