Music is good for the soul.
35 Important Rules for Bands :-)
Guitar and Bass Guitar Links
G&L Guitars (much like Fender electric guitars, only better)
Godin Guitars
Lakland Basses (one of the best 5-string bass guitars made)
Larrivee Guitars (acoustic guitars made in Canada)
Lowden Guitars  (great acoustic guitars made in northern Ireland)
Paul Reed Smith Guitars (electric guitars and bass guitars)
Rob Allen Guitars (unique acoustic-electric bass guitars)
Warmoth Guitar Products

Benedetto Guitars
Breedlove Guitar Co. (guitars made in Oregon)
C.F. Martin & Co. Guitars
Citron Guitars
Collings Guitars
Conklin Guitar Company
Danelectro Guitars                           
D'Angelico Guitars (acoustic archtops)
Doolin Guitars
Ed Roman Guitars
Elrick Bass Guitars
F Bass
Fodera Guitars (basses and guitars)
Froggy Bottom Guitars
Gibson Guitars
Goodall Guitars
Gretsch Musical Instruments
Holst Custom Guitars (acoustic archtops)
Jerry Jones Guitars
JET Custom Guitars
John Le Voi Gypsy Jazz Guitars
Ken Bebensee Guitars and Basses
Langejans Guitars
Linc Luthier (basses and guitars)
David Maize Guitars
(acoustic guitars and basses made in Oregon, of Oregon wood)
Manzer Guitars
McCollum Guitars
McNaught Guitars
Melancon Guitars
MP Guitars (basses)
MTD Michael Tobias Design (basses)
Olson Guitars
Parker Guitars
Pimental & Sons Guitar Makers
RainSong Graphite Guitars
Renaissance Guitars by Rick Turner
Sadowski Guitars (basses)
Santa Cruz Guitars
Somogyi Guitars
Starwood Custom Handcrafted Guitars (John Greven Guitars)
Status Basses
Stephen Sobell Acoustic Instruments
Tacoma Guitars
Taylor Guitars
Timtone Guitars
Tom Anderson Guitarworks
Yamaha Corporation (Guitars and Basses)

Guitar Strings and Accessories
DR Handmade Strings
Ernie Ball Strings and Things (picks)
Gore Strings
GHS Strings
Kyser Musical Products (capos)
La Bella Guitar and Bass Strings
Levy Straps and Gigbags
Shubb (capos)

Guitar, Bass and Recording Equipment Links
Aquilar Amplification
Audio-Technica (microphones)
Bag End Loudspeakers
Bartolini Pickups and Electronics
Crate Amplifiers
Daedalus Cabinets
Demeter Amplification
Eden Electronics
Electro-Harmonix Effects Pedals and More
Epifani Custom Sound Systems
Euphonic Audio
Fishman Acoustic Power
Genz Benz  Enclosures, and Tube Works
Hartke Bass Systems
Highlander Musical Audio Products
Hughes and Kettner Guitar and Bass Amplification
Joe Meek
K&K Sound (acoustic guitar pickups)
Koch (electric guitar amplifiers)
Line 6 Web Central
L.R. Baggs
Mackie Designs, Inc.
Mesa Boogie
Pick Up The World (acoustic guitar pickups)
Rane Corporation
Raven Labs
Rivera Amplifiers
Reunion Blues (guitar gigbags)
Seymour Duncan (electric guitar and bass pickups)
Shure (microphones)
Sunrise Pickups
SWR Sound Corporation  
T.C. Electronic
Trace Elliot Amplification
Trance Audio

Drums and Such
The Bohdran Page (information on this Irish drum)
Djembe-L (information on this African drum)
The Paulo Mattioli website (African drumming)
Remo Drums (largest drum manufacturer in the world)
The Layne Redmond website (frame drumming)
Roundstone Musical Instruments (maker of bohdrans)
The Glen Velez website (frame drumming)
Drum Journal (the world of hand percussion and drum circles)
Grover Pro Percussion
Black Swamp Percussion

On-Line Shopping Links
Elderly Instruments Lansing, Michigan
Guitar Center  Dallas, Texas
Guitar Resurrection  Austin, Texas
Interstate Musicians Supply
Just Strings (guitar and bass strings)
Mandolin Brothers  New York
Martin Music  Memphis, Tennessee
(one of my favorite guitar stores)
Musician's Friend
Stewart McDonald - The Guitar Shop Supply
The Tuning Peg (guitar and bass strings)
Idaho Percussion (drum retailer)

Miscellaneous Music-Related Links
Acoustic Guitar Central (website for Acoustic Guitar Magazine)
Bassics Magazine
Berklee College of Music
CD Baby (purchase the music of some great unsigned artists!)
Indie-Music (Suzanne Glass runs this site and provided me with  
my first opportunities to play publicly)
Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine
Grassroots Music
(purchase the music of some independent artists)
Harmony Central (music resources)
The Home Recording Page
Kerrville Folk Festival (Texas)
MusicPro Insurance (for musical instruments)
Online Guitar Archive (OLGA)
(good source of guitar chords for songs)
The Orchard
(similar to CD Baby above, but I don't like it as well)
Performing Songwriter Magazine
Telluride Bluegrass Festival (Colorado)

A Few Of My Favorite Songwriters/Musicians/Bands
Michael Card
(owner of a Lowden guitar, composer of song Lowden's Prayer)
Steven Curtis Chapman
Ani DiFranco (the wonderwoman of independent artists)
Danny Gatton (amazing electric guitar player)
Michael Hedges (acoustic guitarist extraordinaire)
Indigo Girls
JamisonPriest (friends in Abilene, Texas)
John Mellencamp (Bloomington, Indiana resident)
Peter Mulvey (owner of a Lowden guitar that has been stolen...)
Carrie Newcomer (Bloomington, Indiana resident)
Larry Pattis (Contemporary Fingerstyle Guitar)
(and Indiana University graduate)
Solas (traditional Irish music)
(former guitarist John Doyle owns a Lowden)
Martin Simpson (fingerstyle guitarist, distributor of Sobell Guitars)
David Wilcox
Dar Williams

Music Legalese
ASCAP (I am an author member)

Miscellaneous Ads

Music like your favorite artists at!

Music Promotion at
- A website and press release submission service for the musician.

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