I have a new state to call home -- Missouri.

All tracks of my CD are now
available for sale on
iTunes !!

Or, if you would rather, my CD can be ordered from
CD stores like:
CD Warehouse,
Needmore Discs
Big Face, Inc.
7th Heaven (Sedalia)
8th Heaven (Kansas City)
9th Heaven (Overland Park)

Any CD store can order my CD for you from
Super D One-Stop (www.sdcd.com).

Or visit
where you can listen to the first two minutes of every

Be the first person on your block to own one!  Even
better, be the first person in your state (or country)
to have a copy!  (As of right now the states of Texas,
Tennessee, Oregon, Illinois, New York, Kentucky,
California, and the country of Hong Kong have been
covered, but the remaining 43 states and all other
countries are "open".)  
That is right, almost 12 months
after moving here I still have not sold a CD to
someone in Missouri, so the position of first-sale is
still open!

A least the CD looks good.
Many people have said nice things about the original
painting by
Taylor Stewart that forms the cover and
back of the CD book.  For one thing, the primary color
in the cover is
purple.  On the inside you will find a
method of holding/storing the CD that you have
probably never seen before (I certainly hadn't).  In
place of a plastic jewel-free thing-a-ma-bob, there is
just a small foam dot.

I don't think the CD sounds too shabby either.  
Though I must confess that I would enjoy having the
opportunity to do it over again with substantial funds
from a major record label to see what I could
get my music to sound like, with professional musicians
and everything ... but I dream.