A small collection of email wisdom stories
forwarded to me from around the world...
A Land of Opportunity
Life is Like a Roll of Toilet Paper
Losing Marbles
Make Life a Little Easier (Tips)
Many Uses of Peroxide
Mr. Miller and the Marbles
My Dad and Little Joe
A Nation's Courage
Navajo Code Talkers
Nice Things Said
No Left Turns
One Dirty Mule
One Last Time Around
Our Matchbox Christmas
The Pickle Jar
The Pledge of Allegiance
The Power of Human Kindness
Practical Things to Know
Praying Hands
Reasoning for the Seasonings
Republican Versus Democrat
Rocks and Sand
The Search for "Shorts"
A Show of Strength
Slow Dance
So Why Don't We?
The Sparrow at Starbucks
"Strongest Dad in the World"
Sybil Ludington
The Tablecloth
Taking Note of a Hero's Death
Things it Took Me 50 Years to Learn
Things I've Learned
This is What Love is All About
Thoughts on Love
Tips for Women
To be Happy
Tribute to a Fallen Hero
The Truth About Happiness
War Letters
Watch for that Brick
Water and Coke
WD-40 (Again)
Wendy's Gift
What Does Love Mean?
What Would You Do?
When Your Hotel is on Fire
Who Packed Your Parachute?
Who to Marry
Wisdom for a Happy Life
Wisdom of Bill Gates
Wit and Wisdom
A "Yes" Face
You Wish It Were So
11 Miracles in Your Faucet
1880 Christmas Story
57 Cents
The American Enterprise
Andy Rooney
Army Sgt. Hiroshi Miyamura
The Banana
Before the Pilgrims
A Boy Named Sparky
The Cab Ride
Can You Hear the Music?
Charles Schultz's Philosophy
Chinese Wisdom
Choosing to be Positive
Clear Explanation of Tax Cuts
Coffee Beans
Colonel Ripley, USMC
Comments Made in 1957
Congratulations Steven Spielberg
The Cost of a Miracle
The Door Prize
Earthquake Survival Tips
Facts from the 1500s
FDR and Me
For Grandparents Everywhere
Former Enemies
Getting Old
The Girl with the Apple
Going Bananas
Good Advice
The Good, The Bad, and The Emmy
Great Truths About ...
Harvard ... Far Above All Others
Heart Health
Helpful Hints
Hints (from the Duncans)
Hints (Even More of Them)
A History Lesson
Honor Bound
How Big Is Wal-Mart?
How Did We Get Here?
How Falsehoods Diminish Truth
I'll Be Happy When ...
I'm Third
Instructions for Life
Itzhak Perlman
Iwo Jima
Iwo Jima (Again)
A John Grisham Secret
Just Call Him "Coach"
Just Like My Dad
Still one of my all-time favorite e-stories,
and the one that "started" this page of stories and humor...
You Reap What You Plant
Another very good one; I particularly enjoy stories
that really seem to have occurred...
The Gingham Dress
A small collection of email humor...
32 "Unknown" Facts
30 Lines to Make You Smile
Airline Humor
Airline Pilots and Control Towers
Air Traffic Communications
America vs. Japan
Andy Rooney Says ...
Bet You Didn't Know
Bizarre Death
Bovine Economics
Childrens' Prayers
Computer Tech Support
The Dam Beavers
The Dumbest Duck Hunters
From the Mouths of Babes
Green Snakes
Having Mom Over For Dinner
Help the USPS
High School Similes
How Can You Live ... ?
Laugh Heard 'Round the World
Lesson in Political Science
Little Known Facts
The Man's List
Message from the Rural Midwest
New Stock Market Definitions
No Nursing Home for Me
Patients' Charts
Performance Evaluation Quotes
Priceless Comments on Government
Random Daily Thoughts
Red Skelton's Tips on Marriage
Reflections on Government
A Ride in an F-14D Tomcat
Screwups of the Year 2002
Senior Personal Ads
The Stupidest Things Ever Said
Some Interesting Facts
Stella Awards
Steven Wright Gems
Texas Facts
Texas Stuff
Thermodynamics of Hell
Think You Know Everything?
What's Good for the Goose...
Wisconsin Duck Hunters
The Wisdom of Churchill
Why Athletes Can't Have Real Jobs
Words Women Use
Humor with a music theme...
Music Quotes
Musical Humor
Doo-Wop Oldies Quiz
How God Created Bass
Writing the Blues
Rules for Bands
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